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The 4th World Traditional Medicine Forum

- Human Health Needs Traditional Medicine -

28-29 May, 2022
Online Zoom

Co-sponsored by the World Health Organization


Diogo Calado


Researcher - Chinese medicine specialist

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

PhD candidate in Chinese internal medicine

Reporting Topic
Evidence-based Education as a tool for the Standardization of TCM International Education

Antonio Ciardo


Director of the Osteopathy Section of the Practitioner's Register (European Foundation of Traditional Complementary and Integrative Medicine)

Academic Director of Higher Studies in Osteopathy (European Foundation of Traditional Complementary and Integrative Medicine)

Academic Director of THUBAN GROUP

Director of the Thuban Clinic

President of the Collegiate Organization of Osteopaths of Spain

Secretary General of the Osteopathy Observatory of the FTN (Foundation of Natural Therapy)

CEO & Founder of Ciardo International Center SLU

Reporting Topic
Team working and interprofessional practice Headache Management

Mei Xing


President of Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK

Reporting Topic
Exploring TCM treatment principles for infertility

Dr. Guanhu Yang


Clinical Assistant Professor (honored/endowed) at Ohio University

Chair Professor of the US-China Joint Institute for Acupuncture & Rehabilitation Medicine at Wenzhou Medical University

Vice president at American TCM Association few years ago

Supervised the doctoral program at American Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

President of Chinese Medicine Luobing Society of American

Associate Editor for International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture

Vice president of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine digestion Committee

Reporting Topic
Treatment of Meniere’s Syndrome with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Haihe Tian, PhD.


Dr. Haihe Tian, President of American TCM Association, Chairperson of TCM American Alumni Association, Guest Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Vice Chairperson of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Supervision Board

Reporting Topic
Role of Chinese Medicine Considering Neurological Modulation Factors in G.I. Diseases

Claudia Citkovitz, PhD.


Board member of the Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) and the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM)

Associate Editor for the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine (JICM).

Reporting Topic
From Bench to Bedside and Back Again: Fostering Communication between Acupuncture Research and Practice

Xiaoqin Wu, M.D. PhD.


Tutor & Clinical supervisor in University of Technology Sydney

Lecturer of Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

National Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Professional Panel Member of NSW Chinese Medicine Council

Director of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia

Reporting Topic
Investigate the Effects of Needling the Acupoint SI 3 in Healthy People

Prof. Xiaoming Cheng, O.M.D


Harvard Medical School, Osher Centre of B.W.H (Brigham and women's hospital),Expert in the life sciences of the Heart Energy platform

Graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture and Massage major

Professor of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Distinguished Expert of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. School of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Reporting Topic
The acupuncture treatment for Sequelae of COVID-19

Dr. David Riley


Board certified in Internal Medicine and a senior editor with The Permanente Journal

Reporting Topic
The Standard and Written Skills on Case report

Ming Jin, PhD.


President, American Association of TCM

Former President, United Alliance of New York State Licensed Acupuncturists

Reporting Topic
TCM Care for Cardiopulmonary Function of the Post Covid-19 & Long Haulers

Dr. Reginaldo Filho PhD.


Founder and President of Brazilian College of Chinese Medicine

Reporting Topic
Kan Li Holograms - a new strategy for the treatment

Yu Wu


Former   President  of CMASA

Reporting Topic
TCM treatment of Diabetic Foot and case report

Prof. Biao Lu


Executive Member of the Bureau of the World Traditional Medicine Forum

A distinguished expert in Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the Chinese Medicine Trade Union of Los Angeles

Vice President of the British Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Honorary President of the University of Los Angeles

Reporting Topic
Chinese Medicine Applied to Treat Parkinson’s Syndrome

Dr. Inge Brodöhl


Lecturer Cosmetic Acupuncture at Shenzhou Open University of TCM (Amsterdam)

Reporting Topic
Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dong Ji, PhD.


Doctor of Chinese Medicine, University of California San Diego (UCSD) Neurology Institute

Department Chair of Herbology, Pacific College of Health and Sciences, San Diego, California

Reporting Topic
Long COVID and Acupuncture – A Case Report

Thomas Burgoon, MD


Thomas Burgoon, MD

Former President, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Member, Board of Directors, International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques

Associate Editor in Chief, World Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Editorial Board, Medical Acupuncture

Reporting Topic
Treatment of Hypertension with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Dr. Jason Hao


President of Neuro-acupuncture Institute

Vice-president of Education Guidance Committee at WFCMS, Vice-president of Translation Committee at WFCMS

Reporting Topic
Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for the Treatment of Difficult Neurological Disorders

Dr. Sanhua Leng


Academy director of council of America Traditional Chinese Medicine Society

Associate Chairman of China-US Institute for Acupuncture and Rehabilitation, Wenzhou Medical University

Visiting Professor of Doctor Program of American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Visiting Professor of Doctor Program of American Academy of Health and Wellness

Visiting Professor of Doctor Program of Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

Reporting Topic
Sensitization Based Meridian & Acupoint System

Dr. Weidong Yu


President of wellspring TCM technology institute ltd

Board member , college of TCM practitioners and acupuncturist of British Columbia, Canada

Reporting Topic
TCM strategies for eye disease in the digital age

Danny Li, PhD.


President, Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario

Reporting Topic
Instant Action: Dealing with the Crisis of Deregulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ontario, Canada

Dr. John Yang


Former first Vice-President at the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of British Columbia (ATCMA)

Chair of the Academic/Educational Committee of ATCMA

Current President of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Colleges of Canada (FTCMCC)

A committee member on the Standards Council of Canada, Canadian Advisory Committees for International Organization for Standardization for TCM the program developer and the Chair of TCM department of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) of British Columbia

Reporting Topic
Clinical Application of Acupuncture Assisted with Pulse Diagnosis

Heng Li, PhD.


Former Associate Professor at China Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Center

Former Adjunct Associate Professor at the College of Allied Health Sciences, Augusta University, USA

Former Physician at Shanghai Municipal Clinic, China

Reporting Topic
Regulating Qi and Treating Shen – Essential Principle of Acupuncture Treatment

Dr. Yuning Hu


Secretary General, International Association of Precise Acupuncture

Reporting Topic
Flat-Head Needle Acupuncture―Decompression for Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

Guojian Huang, PhD.


Executive Director of the World Chinese Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

President of the Alliance of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine of Canada

President of the Canadian Ankang Acupuncture Healing Centre

President of Manitoba Professional Acupuncture Association

Reporting Topic
The Strategy to Treat Breast Pain by Mini Ren Acupuncture

Prof. Dr. Tianjun Wang


Guest Professor of NUCM and the Master and PhD course supervisor at UK Centre of NUCM

Principal of the London Academy of Chinese Acupuncture

Vice President of the Scalp Acupuncture Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) 

 President of the Institute of Scalp Acupuncture UK

Reporting Topic
Brain Fog of Long COVID-19 and Acupuncture Treatment

Baifang Zhu


Director of the TCM Skin Clinic (UK)

Honorary Vice President of Dermatology Association, China Association of Chinese Medicine(CACM), China

Reporting Topic
Covid related skin and mucous membrane changes and TCM Treatment

Yu Yang, PhD.


Associate professor of  Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Supervisor

Director of Huang Di Nei Jing Branch  of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Director of and TCM Literature and Schools Branch of WFCMS. Member of Translation Branch of China Association of TCM

Member of Fundamental TCM Theory Branch of Shanghai Federation of TCM

Reporting Topic
Anti-Epidemic Efforts of Chinese Medicine: Past, Present and Future

Lizhen Wang, PhD.



Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina College

Reporting Topic
Effectiveness of 10.6um CO2 Laser Acupuncture for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema: A Non-RCT Experimental Study

Yingying Yang, PhD. Candidate


PhD. candidate from Department of Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine, School of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Reporting Topic
Dynamic Pain-Related Changes in Pulse-Graph Measurements in Patients with Primary Dysmenorrhea and after Electroacupuncture Intervention and Its Correlation with TCM Pattern