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The 4th World Traditional Medicine Forum

- Human Health Needs Traditional Medicine -

28-29 May, 2022
Online Zoom

Co-sponsored by the World Health Organization

The 4th World Traditional Medicine Forum is co-sponsored by the World Traditional Medicine Forum and the World Health Organization. More than 38 experts in different fields coming from 10 countries are invited to give online high-level presentations, and it is free to participate. To follow more about the experts and presentation topics, please click on the Experts and the Forum sections on the website.


The theme of this forum is “Human Health Needs Traditional medicine”. The goals of the Forum are to exchange latest developments in research results in clinical practice, scientific research, norms and standards, education, policy, legislation and regulation of traditional medicine, and to discuss current and future challenges in these areas.


World Traditional Medicine Forum


World Health Organization


To obtain a certificate please send an email to wtmforum@hotmail.com before May 27 to register. This e-mail is also proof of participation to obtain the certificate, which you can use to request further training points.

The cost of the certificate is 15 euros including digital shipping. Applications for the certificate must be received by us no later than May 27. Later applications will not be considered.



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