The 5th World Traditional Medicine Forum and World Federation of TCM Service Trade

Traditional Medicine: Inheritance & Innovation
November 22-26, 2023
Xiamen, China

Exhibition Center

XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER as a new landmark and exhibition platform for Xiamen, which is particularity important in possessing high reachable three-dimensional transportation network.

How to quickly and efficiently reach this integrated large coastal exhibition complex?

Please quickly read this transportation guideline.

Make you trip more smoothly~


The Overall Programme

The distance from Gaoqi International Airport to here is about 6 kilometres.
The distance from Xiangan New Airport to here is about 12 kilometres.
The distance from Xiamen Station to here is about 14 kilometres.

The distance from Xiamen North Station to here is about 16 kilometres.
It could be arrived within 2.5 hours by high-speed rail which directly get to the province.
Xiamen Station/Xiamen North Station → XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER
It takes about 38 minutes to drive from Xiamen Station to Xiamen International Expo Center, and the distance is about 27 kilometers.
It takes about 40 minutes to drive from Xiamen North Station to Xiamen International Expo Center, and the distance is about 34 kilometers.

Note: Xiamen Station is the starting station of subway line 3 (Officially it opened to traffic on June 25, 2021),When XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER is constructed completely in 2023,"Sports Exhibition Station” of XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER’s west Landing Hall near a subway line 3 will be put into operation simultaneously, the time will be further shortened.

The Rail Transit

According to two rounds of construction plans approved by the National Development and Reform Commission,Both the subway line 3 and 4 will pass through an East Exhibition New City, the subway line 3 has opened to traffic and has a Sport Exhibition Station; Currently a subway line 8 under planing and construction will be connected between New Sports Center and New XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER.

The venue vehicles streamlines

Taxis、buses and social vehicles streamlines

Taxis:Set up taxis parking streamlines along both sides of a hall.

Buses: Set up buses streamlines near bus stops on the east and west sides of the venue.   

social vehicles: Social vehicles are decentralized parked in traffic corridors、conference centers and the underground car park of coastal supporting commercial venues.

The trucks routes

Trucks: the venue has multiple entrances and exits. As shown in the figure, the circular areas are  recommended turning areas for large trucks.